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Our scientific notation calculator does the math for you:

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How the Calculator Works

When you come to this page, then the calculator is shown in expanded form so that you can carry out the mathematical operation you want.

Fill in the first value, then click the corresponding operation symbol, next fill in the second value.

There is no result button, because the result is calculated automatically once all numbers have been entered.

Note that you can switch to e notation as well to decimal notation – the numbers and the result always follow.

It essentially means that our app is also a decimal to scientific notation converter, and vice versa.

In this case you may want to press collapse first.

Needless to say that you can expand our tool (again) after that.

Scientific Notation Calculator Multiplication

Scientific notation multiplication uses the multiplying exponents rule known from exponentiation.

a × 10n × b × 10m = (a × b) × 10n+m


4 × 102 × 2 × 103 = 8 × 105

Scientific Notation Calculator Division

Scientific notation division uses the dividing exponents rule also known from exponentiation.

a × 10n / b × 10m = a/b × 10n-m


4 × 104 / 2 × 102 = 2 × 102

Scientific Notation Calculator Addition

Scientific notation additions requires the same exponents for both summands; thus that the significands can be simply added:

a × 10n + b × 10n = (a + b) × 10n


1.5 × 103 + 3.25 × 103 = 4.75 × 103

Scientific Notation Calculator Subtraction

Scientific notation subtraction requires the same exponents for both terms; thus that the significands can be simply subtracted:

a × 10n – b × 10n = (a – b) × 10n


4 × 106 – 2 × 106 = 2 × 106


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